The 2013 Painting Series, colorful and playful; created with serious artistic intent. Advertisements

Here’s a collection of section icons I designed for “the newspaper for kids” that published about 40 issues between 2000 and 2002. Purple Mountain Press was a sixteen-page, full-color, advertising-free newspaper and website with comprehensive teachers’ worksheets that accompanied each issue. It was published in both English and Spanish.

Yes, floppy disks. I just cleaned up these two pages from my old portfolio. They are from back when I was still monkeying around with font design. And since I was doing some amount of illustrating I thought I would do a clip-art font, and then another. And design a fun bit of design for […]

Here’s a set of safety signs I just designed. The format for these I took from a sign much like the top WARNING sign I saw on a tiny work truck.

For DuraNews, a publication by Graphic Products, inc. I illustrated headers for a variety of stories on all aspects of workplace safety. OSHA compliance, floor marking, wayfinding, safety signage etc, “painted” in PhotoShop.

Between late 2000 and 2002 Purple Mountain Media – now defunct – published a twice-a-month, 16-page newspaper for kids, gearing it for 5th, 6th and 7th-grade readers. Each issue had a “Focus” Section. The three designers took turns designing the Focus sections, alternating between turns with the other 12 pages of each edition. I have […]