I love words! Wordplay, construction of words and all the sounds and looks of letters and numbers. In all combinations. Rhymes, alliteration, glossolalia! Both the subtle and obvious differences and meanings between and among words. And I’m a huge fan of vintage commercial signage of the twentieth century. (See my IG feed @dpkessler) These two […]

The 2013 Painting Series, colorful and playful; created with serious artistic intent.

Here’s a collection of section icons I designed for “the newspaper for kids” that published about 40 issues between 2000 and 2002. Purple Mountain Press was a sixteen-page, full-color, advertising-free newspaper and website with comprehensive teachers’ worksheets that accompanied each issue. It was published in both English and Spanish.

Yes, floppy disks. I just cleaned up these two pages from my old portfolio. They are from back when I was still monkeying around with font design. And since I was doing some amount of illustrating I thought I would do a clip-art font, and then another. And design a fun bit of design for […]

Here’s a set of safety signs I just designed. The format for these I took from a sign much like the top WARNING sign I saw on a tiny work truck.

For DuraNews, a publication by Graphic Products, inc. I illustrated headers for a variety of stories on all aspects of workplace safety. OSHA compliance, floor marking, wayfinding, safety signage etc, “painted” in PhotoShop.